Thursday, May 09, 2013

Don't kill your pets...Hot Car Safety

70 Degrees is to leave your dog in the car!

When it is 75 degrees outside it is 118 degrees inside that car!

77 outside = 123 inside
81 outside = 138 inside
90 outside = 143 inside
94 outside = 145 inside

if you take them with you ... do not leave them in the car when you get out. ... same goes for kids.... elderly... etc...

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Friday, September 21, 2012

I want the perfect Pomeranian! Seriously?!

This is a bit of a rant. I got a call the other day from this lady looking for a puppy. I was tired and she kind of flabergasted me. She asked me how many dogs I have here. Well there are close to 60 dogs living out their lives here... let's see... am I breeding all these dogs... one word answer. NO! I mean seriously... I haven't had puppies here in 2 years or more.

Then she asks ... how do

you bathe all those dogs. I felt like saying I stuffed them in a huge washing machine and then fluffed them dry. Really... how do you suppose I groom them... one hairy dog at a time. Somedays... none... somedays one... some days 4 or 5... somedays more...

What I did say... is that this is a ranch and they get to be dogs. They (the ones that like to... not all do) are in and out of wading tubs all the time... digging in the dirt... rolling in whatever they can get into... barking at the cats... chickens... mailman... whatever they feel like barking at... running and playing... they have 7 by 4 ft houses with straw in them... which they dig in and spread everywhere... they have 8 by 16 kennel runs... that are their main pens... then there are several large as in around 35 by 100 for one... one is bigger than that... and the other is a bit smaller... running play pens. That they take turns in... no I do not run them all together... seriously bad idea... there are multiple packs... like kids in school.... same thing... their friends and cliques...

This is their home... and I am not kicking them out of it... they will leave here when they age out and cross over the rainbow bridge or I do. Whichever comes first... If I cross over first it means my work here is done... if they do then their time here was done...

Frankly she pissed me off. She told me how wonderful the Pom she had was…. Then proceeded to slam the breeder she got it from. Whining because it peed on the floor at 12 weeks old in a brand new environment. I mean really… seriously. Btw… no the dog was not from me. Saying how horrible it was that the breeder had her puppies in playpens. Really?! Should they be running all over the house getting stepped on… saying the puppy was not socialized when she got it. Ok… so did it bite her… no… did it stiffen in fear and pee and poop all over itself when she picked it up… no… Is it going to take time and patience training a puppy in a new environment… YES!

The dogs that came in here out of rescue were not socialized to anyone but the lady that had them. These dogs were so fearful it was like catching coyotes. Wear gloves and be fast… and stay calm… yes they fear bit… yes they growled and attacked… yes they urinated and defecated all over themselves and me when I picked them up. That is what an un-socialized Pom is like.

Poms…just like other dogs… are living creatures. It takes patience and love to gain their trust… or rather to earn their trust… It is a major shock for a puppy or dog to be pulled away from everything it knows and thrust into a new situation… how do you like it when that happens to you. Get a clue and love that dog/puppy and be patient and consistent in training.

If you want some perfect dog that never messes on the floor or barks, or gets scared (just like you do) … or pees when you yell at it… because it wants to please you or is so confused and frightened that it doesn’t know what to do… then get a porcelain figurine of a dog and sit it on the shelf… and leave the living creatures be… they deserve to be accepted for what they are… not bullied for what they are not. They are living creatures… with feelings, personality traits, physical issues, illnesses, and huge souls… If you want the “perfect” pet… buy a stuffed toy… and the next time you expect an animal to be perfect… look in the mirror and judge that creature looking back at you by the same standard!
After over 2 years of not having any puppies... I decided to allow a pair of my Poms to breed.  Will I be very selective as to where their puppies go.... hmmmm... in a word.  YES!