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Accommodating Your Elderly Pets

When pets get older, there are some accommodations you may want to make for them. A pet's behavior may change as it ages. The first recommendation would be a visit to the veterinarian. Many symptoms interpreted in elderly contributed to age may actually be medical conditions.

If your pet seems less active, confused, disoriented, and disinterest in household activity, it could signal cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive dysfunction is a treatable geriatric disease.

Weight gain is a common problem with older pets. Exercise is still important for older pet health. It helps them stay toned and will help stimulate internal function. They may need shorter exercise periods at a slower pace. Try walking your pet during less extreme temperatures of the day.

Grooming is another area that becomes more difficult for older pets. As their joints get stiff, it may be harder for your pet to groom hard-to-reach areas. Their skin can also become dry or matted so it is important to brush your pet thoroughly.

As your pet ages, it may be harder for them to get around the places that they are familiar with. Some ideas to help your pet navigate are the following: If your pet likes to sleep on your bed, and is still continent, perhaps a small stair would assist them to reach the top of the bed. If they have trouble navigating the stairs due to hip problems, perhaps a ramp with cleat strips to give their paws grip may help. Also, check the outdoor run area of your pet. Holes, steep grades and gravel may make their outdoor travels difficult. Observe your pet climbing wooden deck stairs, sometimes those can be slippery for older pets. Simple sandpaper treads can be applied for grip.

Overall, think about your aging pet and their needs. Some simple changes could make their life more comfortable.

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