Friday, August 03, 2007

What you feed your pet does matter!

Today I'm rambling on about dog food.

For the Health of your Pet it is very important that they have good nutrition! Do you actually know what you are feeding your precious pet?

Read the ingredients listed on your dog food bag or can. OK, you've read them. Do you know what they mean?

Most people have no idea what that ingredient list actually means. If they did they would cringe.I know how frustrating it can be trying to sort through all the jargon to see what is actually in your pet's food.

OK so here is where this is going to start sounding like an advertisement. Bear with me OK. There is some excellent information on this site whether you buy the food or not. Personally I think the food is some of the best out there. That's why I feed it to my Pomeranians and recommend it. Yes it's good for large dogs, and they have a wonderful cat food as well.

That said click on the banner and go to my website.
You will see "recommended dog food" in the menu bar as well as a large recommended dog food banner on the page.

Use either link and check out the food and information available. If you like videos there is a great video you can watch (no it doesn't cost anything to watch it) . It's very informative, not overly long, and not too

Good nutrition is extremely important for your pet. Even more so, if you are considering breeding. I can not stress this enough!

For a healthy happy pet good nutrition is paramount! So many health issues can be avoided simply by good nutrition. Of course, good nutrition is from what you feed your pet.

When you are breeding your dog poor nutrition can (and often does) result in the deaths of both puppies and mother dog.

Of course good nutrition comes at a price. Along with the price come the benefits, healthy pets, healthy breeding dogs, healthy puppies, a longer time to enjoy your furry family member. Yes I mean the four footed furry family members. Fewer trips to the veterinary, fewer vet bills, lower medical expenses.

If you offset the dog food cost against the pain and suffereing of your pet and the veterinary bills poor nutrition causes. The cost of good nutrition is nominal.

For the love of your pet, inform yourself.

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